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  • Integrative Medicine is the Future of Healthcare grid image
    • Integrative Medicine is the Future of Healthcare

    • Jan 07, 2021

      By Dr. June Chin. 

      In medical school, there is a "this is how we've always done it" syndrome. That is the conventional, allopathic medicine model. How did we come to believe that prescription medication is the only or most effective way to treat disease? We are taking a reductive approach. In medical school, we are trained in identifying what's bad in your body and then to get rid of it. This is only part of the puzzle. We often get locked into this one-size-fits-all thinking. No One-Size-Fits-All when it comes to working with plant medicine like cannabis. Botanical remedies have been mainstays of folk medicine in many cultures throughout history.

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  • Soil to Spirit grid image
    • Soil to Spirit

    • Nov 20, 2020

      Imagine the purples and golds of an overgrown field in New York’s Columbia County. Walk along a fall field overgrown with aster and goldenrod. A few last Monarchs weave in and out of the thorn bushes. Feel the softness of the ground beneath your feet, the places where the rain has begun to transform fallen leaves into mulch. Let your mind wander as you walk. Breathe in deeply the perfume of a landscape tipping into a new season. Wet stone. Leaf rot. Sunshine on crumbling goldenrod stalks. Then. Pause. Look down at your hands.

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