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When we’re unwell we go to nature to feel better.

For best results, we must support the health of nature in return.

Our formulas are developed according to nature’s prescription.

Plants that thrive together in nature thrive together moleculary, and we benefit by tapping into this relationship.

“Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.”

― Terry Tempest Williams

We distill the sensation of being in nature to take you to a better place.

In line with the therapeutic concept of "forest bathing," the effects of each Treaty formula evoke our senses in ways that mimic the feeling of actually spending time in nature. The aromatics, flavor, and efficacy result from broad spectrum hemp extract combined with active compounds informed by ingredients that grow within four healing landscapes.

Our partners in vision and values help deliver on our promise.

  • International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute

    The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) employed metabolomics and formula review services to evaluate the chemical profile of our Calm, Focus, Recover, and Balance formulas. We used the analytics and formula feedback provided by ICCI to make final refinements to these formulas.

  • Agroforegen Business Ecosystems

    Agroforegen guides our forest materials sourcing into regenerative supply chains that not only assure reliable, high-quality products, but also improve the health and stability of the bioregions they come from.

  • Hudson Hemp

    Treaty’s parent company, Hudson Hemp, is located on a 2,400 acre organic-regenerative hemp farm in Hudson Valley, NY, where we pioneer solutions for regenerative industry that can support and heal life on earth. We extract our hemp with certified organic ethanol, through a cold and slow process. This purification and distillation method results in a high quality broad-spectrum CBD oil, free from all solvents.

  • Hudson Carbon

    Hudson Carbon is an on-farm soil laboratory. We study how organic regenerative farming can maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems. We now will sell carbon offsets directly from farms and will share our expertise to scale practical solutions to restore the carbon cycle.

We work with the intelligence of our planet, so everything benefits.

Our Treaty is to create a mutually and profoundly beneficial connection between the health of the individual, the health of our community, and the health of our environment.

1. Individual Health

Our products empower healthy daily lives through plant formulas, meeting the needs of common ailments that can be remedied through more natural means. For best results, we support the health of nature in return.

2. Communal Health

We make the wellbeing of our team and community a priority in our operations. Through Hudson Hemp we work with the New York State government to advocate for groups historically marginalized by the cannabis industry.

3. Environmental Health

Our pioneering regenerative farming practices go beyond sustainability to heal and replenish our earth while providing the things we need to live on it.